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31 Jul 2019

         (Photo @paul_Clarke Photography 2019)

Building work for the controversial £30m QPR training ground at Warren Farm, which residents had been informed was to start in May, has been delayed.

However, as Green Party member, Darren Moore reports...

5 Jul 2019

 A three day notice return to Margate to celebrate a friend's birthday. Warm, sunny, calm. What is it about the atmosphere in Margate that feels different from elsewhere? Grateful for fresh sea air after the pollution of London. The Turner gallery stands out in the dis...

30 Jun 2019

 New discoveries have been made about the terrain under the North Sea. It would have been a fertile area with an advanced civilisation and dramatic landscapes.  It puts a new light on the UK's relationship to the rest of Europe and calls for a reorientation of how we s...

27 Jun 2019

 It sounds like a band. Once more the State of London Address took place at the O2 Indigo theatre. Each time the theme is different. This year knife crime. What is the Mayor doing to prevent it? Quite a lot it seems. The public health approach is the best way to t...

26 Jun 2019

 It's not an easy photo to take because of the glare of the reflection, but Coastguard Matt captured it well. The Thames Memorial is dedicated to all who have drowned in the river. 'When you pass through the waters I will be with you' must be the right choice for the i...

26 Jun 2019

This development caught my eye as I sailed down the Thames on a river boat. It looked playful, green and interesting, next to an older wharf type building. Is it an example for the King's yard at Deptford of a more imaginative design? 

20 Jun 2019

There is a well in the crypt of St Mary's church in Marywell. It is a mystery when it was dug and why. There is a legend that the water sprung from the ground. It probably pre-dates the church and was an ancient sacred site. The monks of St Peter's of Ghent built their...

15 Jun 2019

Margate on a sunny windy day before the tide turns. In the sea through the window of the Turner Gallery, Anthony Gormley's figure will slowly emerge as the tide recedes. (Click to see all 3 images.) 

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