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High Tide at Greenwich

The Met office forecast a 1m surge close to high tide. Combined with the spring tide and high river flows, it was predicted to produce some of the highest forecast levels in London we’ve seen. The Thames barrier was likely to be closed.

Spring tides have nothing to do with Spring I discovered. Spring tides occur when there is a high tide, the Sun, Moon and Earth are in alignment and the gravitational force is strong. When in alignment, the Moon and Sun combine in gravitational forces to bring the highest and lowest tides of the month.

I decided to go to the Thames when the high tide was occurring, at about 4pm. As I looked across to Canary Wharf, I saw the light of the setting sun being reflected brightly on the glass of the buildings. The sun was a huge red ball sinking behind the Naval College and surrounding structures.

The waters of the Thames were agitated. There was an air of anticipation. A few people mingled around. No sign of a surge. Did the barrier do its work? As the sun disappeared below the horizon and the chill in the air deepened, I went home.


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