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Earthstars Sacred Space

We held a closing of Earthstars Sacred Space events at an Earthstars Group meeting on 13th December 2018, It was a letting go at the dark time of the year and a celebration of Alban Arthan - Light of Winter. Something new will evolve and we will post events as they occur. 

Earth Stars and the Visionary Landscape

The Earth Stars website is a portal to everything you want to know about Chris Street's Earthstars discovery, a huge pattern of sacred geometry linking London's ancient sacred sites in a vast star temple which is an Earthstar Chakra Stargate and and an important part of our  Visionary Landscape.

The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD)

Druidry is a vital and dynamic nature spirituality that is flourishing all over the world. It unites our love for the Earth with our love of creativity and the arts. Flowing though all the exiting new developments in modern druidism is the power of an ancient tradition: the love of the land, sea and sky - the love of the Earth, our home.

Earth Energy Network

Earth Energy Network is the UK network of LifeNet, an international network of individuals who work to support human beings and the Earth in her many dimensions with the process of transformation taking place at this time.  It is a time of profound transformation on human, cosmic and global levels and new opportunities are arising to create the culture of co-creation that Marko Pogačnik calls Geoculture. This network is for people who co-operate with the multi-level, subtle realms of existance through projects, courses, meditations, initiatives, groups and workshops. 

Marko Pogačnik

Marko Pogačnik is a Slovenian artist who, among other things, has developed Geaculture, Gaia Touch (with Peter Frank) and is UNESCO Artist for Peace. 'Gaia is about to awaken her beings and powers that she needs to be able to accomplish her quantum leap to adjust to the new incoming cosmic cycle that leads towards the future development of the universe. The turmoil that we perceive in the world is a manifestation of accelerated changes going on within the body of the Earth and the human body.'


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