1 May 2019

Mayday visit to the springs, fountains and underwater system of Greenwich Park. Rounded off by Jack in the Green. (Click for slide show)

28 Apr 2019

 The front runners in the London Marathon. A day for going nowhere, caught between the river and the route of the Marathon. If you can't beat them, join them. At least in this part of the run the crowd is sparse but strong in enthusiasm. A sea of colours, shapes,...

27 Apr 2019

 Nannie was removed for repair. Her arm will return shortly.

Photo: Royal Museums Greenwich

21 Apr 2019

An Easter visit to the Cutty Sark. Nannie is the witch in Robert Burn's poem Tam o' Shanter. She's also the figurehead of the Cutty Sark. Recently she's been without her arm. The second image shows a copy among the figureheads on show under the clipper. RMG are fundrai...

30 Mar 2019

The Motherstone Fountain in Greenwich Park. The postcard shows the wall which is now half demolished. It looked more integrated then. The crow's companion had just flown into the nearby tree. Waiting for our Mayday visit. (Click to see second image.)

21 Mar 2019

 Following the Tyburn as it goes from Hampstead Heath formed of two springs through Green Park and on to Thorney Island, created by a splitting of the river and where the Place of Westminster now stands. Sending light and good wishes in the Houses' deliberations o...

5 Mar 2019

 A mural near the EU Commission headquarters in Brussels where talks are being held on the UK's future relationship.

2 Mar 2019

 This could have been a disaster, but there is a special atmosphere around this newly installed fountain in Brugge. 

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