31 Aug 2016

I went with Helen on a visit to Chiselhurst Caves. This had been planned for some time and now it was finally happening. Though thanks to signal failure causing chaos on the railway, it almost didn't. One of our number didn't make it at all. It was worth it though once...

29 Aug 2016

This is a view of the Old Royal Naval College and the Thames beach looking east to where I live. Greenwich is a wonderful place to be, with its park, museums and university.  

15 Aug 2016

A group of us went to explore the Olympic Park, now Queen Elizabeth park, at Stratford. After delays and a stop for tea, we finally arrived in the park. At that moment around midday, with a clear blue sky, I looked up and saw the sun shining through the circle at the t...

10 Aug 2016

Kew gardens visit with the intention of seeing the Hive installation. I caught sight of it and was amazed. It's an incredible structure, full of bee-ness.

21 Jun 2016

In June 2016, I took part in the 5th Lifenet Gathering on the island of Brač in Croatia. Around 50 people came together from all parts of Europe and beyond. It was a joyful, co-creative experience which also had some hard work at its base. We spent most of the time out...

22 May 2016

Wandering around Brussels, I came across a church I had never seen before. I went over and was transfixed by the carvings. In all my visits to churches around Europe, I had never seen anything so beautiful or alive. One sculpture in particular stood out. It's shown her...

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