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Convoys Wharf

When the architect Richard Rogers did the original master plan (left) for the development of Convoys Wharf, he extended the line along Deptford High Street all the way to the river. If I look at this plan, I feel I can breath out. In the revised master plan (right), there is an enourmous building, a monolith, which sits on top of this line, blocking the flow and diverting it to the river and into the site. I would not like to be one of the people potentially living in the building contending with this, not to mentioned the additional possibility of old spirits from the dockyard that might haunt the place. Has anyone of the Hong Kong owners asked an expert in Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of geomancy, to look at this site, I wonder. It is still a respected science in China and Hong Kong. Some architects will not proceed before they've had the advice of a Feng Shui practitioner.

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