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A Deptford Alignment

The corner of Deptford High Street looking along New King Street towards Convoys Wharf, previously known as the King's Yard, with a long medium and zoom view, the middle one a bit shaky. What comes ever nearer? St Anne's Limehouse. There is a direct line all the way through. St Anne's Limehouse is a sailors' church designed by Hawksmoor - see previous posts. The church also sits on the line through the main axis of Greenwich Park and the Royal Naval College, designed by Christopher Wren and Hawksmoor. So the lines cross at St Anne's. Christopher Wren was a friend of John Evelyn who lived next to the shipbuilding yard at Sayes Court and who was one of the people, including Wren and Robert Hook, who put forward a design for the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire. It was here that he had his garden. How deliberate are these alignments? Christopher Wren was a Freemason and a Druid. Probably the others connected with the Royal Society were too. They worked with a form of British Feng Shui, also known as geomancy. It's likely that John Evelyn's garden was laid out on geomantic lines.

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