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London Bridge Old and New

I came across this image of the New London Bridge being constructed. It was built 100 feet (30 m) west (upstream) of the original site. You can see the alignment of the old bridge, then more than 600 years old, joining Fish Street to the left of the tower of St. Magnus the Martyr Church, then on past Monument. This was the only approach to London from the south, crossing at Southwark Cathedral, till the 18th century. The reconstruction of Rennie's London Bridge now spans the Bridgewater Channel canal that leads from the Uptown area of Lake Havasu City in Arizona. It was transferred there by an American oil man who mistakenly though he was buying Tower Bridge. The current bridge was opened in 1973. During our Midsummer Day visit to the Monument we tried to identify the old route down to the bridge.

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