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Twin Chapels in the East London Cemetery

Map dowsing showed up a point in the East London cemetery which was in line with St Margaret's Church at Barking Abbey and which connected with St Mary Magdalene Church, a second point in the Barking Triangle which formed the eastern gateway of the London Earthstar. The point turned out to be two gothic chapels, the one on the left for cremation services and the other on the right, dedicated to St Michael and All Angels, for burial services. The cemetery was created in 1871 and is in private ownership. It felt very cluttered. In old cemeteries with churches, there are lines known as corpse roads where the spirits of the dead can travel along and there are places in the landscape where the can cross over to the other world and the afterlife. The founders of they graveyard were apparently unaware of this and the cluttered feeling that hit us as we entered felt as if the souls of the dead were trapped there. We asked for a column of light and a stairway to the other world for those who wanted to move on. We also asked if Merlin, who is guardian of boundaries and Nimue, who is guardian of gateways would open up the space to assist their departure in future. They apparently agreed to this.

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