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The Angel of Abundance

Someone posted this image on my Facebook page. I found it moving for some strange reason. Is it the colour, the guesture or maybe the hands stretching out to receive? I know from experience that whether we know it at the time or not, we always have what we need. However, maybe it's my imagination but money seems to be disappearing. Does it have to do with 'austerity'? Why is it when you listen to people, they want to make sure the sick, old and more vulnerable in our society are given adequate support, yet the cuts continue and people seem powerless to stop it. At the same time, it's not just on the larger stage this is happening. In our individual lives, more people than I have experienced before have much less money to spare. Where is this all leading? Is something else possible? I've had the picture for a long time that everyone should be on social security or some kind of pension so they can be free to carry out the things they want to do in service to society, unleashing their potential; and now the idea of unconditional basic income is gaining force. Could that be the next step out of this situation?

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