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The Gatekeeper Conference in Pewsey

A number of people were expecting to find their way into the conference hall at Pewsey through this entrance. Unfortunately it was more mundane than this. However, the conference itself was as magical as the yew trees here. Inspiring talks, poetry and music. I gave my talk then could relax to hear the others. Lovely meals with friendly company. I wonder what was the main thrust of what I was hearing - thresholds come in different forms; entering a space in the landscape is crossing a threshold and permission should be sought from the guardian of that place. This gives more possibility of finding what is happening there because we have the co-operation of the beings there. Landscapes inspire poetry and song. Bring them to a landscape and it responds. There is a guardian of the paths we chose not to go. Humanity now stands at a threshold. Hence the apparent chaos and shattering experiences. Do we choose to go forward to the new light that's dawning or fall into the abyss? It's up to each one of us now.

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