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Visiting Chislehurst caves

I went with Helen on a visit to Chiselhurst Caves. This had been planned for some time and now it was finally happening. Though thanks to signal failure causing chaos on the railway, it almost didn't. One of our number didn't make it at all. It was worth it though once I got there, just in time for the next tour. Being the school holidays, there were many noisy and excited children with their parents and grandparents. The change in atmosphere from the Saxon to the Druid part of the cave complex was clear. It felt lighter, as if there was some wise consciousness behind it. There were similarities too the Ravne tunnels in Bosnia with side tunnels, the shape of the walls carved out in the limestone and a similar feeling of some kind of presence. A major difference is that the ventilation in Ravne was natural. Here they used fans. At one point we stood in total darkness. I could sense that in this way the Druids might have become sensitive to the inner world and the energy of the earth. The guides spoke of their experiences of the inhabitants who haunt the passageways.

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