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Wild sea at Berwick
Moon and Mars
Donatello Padua
Brac 3
St Paul's
The Hive
Greenwich 1
Croatia 1
Belane bluebells
Milna a 22Jun16
Stratford sun light
Thames at Greenwich

Marion Briggs

The Earth is a temple, a sacred space. It is a living, multidimensional being, as are we in our individual temple form, standing as pillars in the Temple of Humanity. Over many years I have worked with others to help transform and rebuild the invisible structures of these sacred spaces and reconnect with the spirits of nature through art and imagination.


On this website I share something about my work and my experiences. You can also hear about events and activities taking place in the field of Earth Mysteries. I hope you enjoy it and find your way to making contact with and to experience these things for yourself.

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