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Light in the Darkness

I happened to glance out of my hotel room window in Bruges and saw the sun shining out behind a dark cloud. It felt very dramatic. The next day I visited the Jerusalem Church and discovered that the motif of the family who built the church is a dark cloud with streams of light shining out from behind. The Adonis family still live in the house there. Anselm Adornes visited James II of Scotland after he banned the import of textiles from Flanders. He lived some time in Scotland and became a close ally of the King. He made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and was inspired to build the Jerusalem Church. He was set upon by his enemies in Scotland and died in North Berwick. He's buried in Linlithgow where there is a plaque to his memory. His heart was taken back to Bruges and was buried next to the body of his wife in the church itself.

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