11 Jun 2019

The beginnings of a bee, insect and butterfly friendly garden with medicinal plants and herbs. A miracle really, what happens when you allow nature to take its course, with a bit of help from wild meadow seeds and some weeding. At first there might have been the occasi...

6 Jun 2019

 The Thames and a very high tide. Looking over to the Convoys Wharf site and the towers of Pepys Estate in Deptford. How much will this view be obliterated if the present development plans go ahead? 

6 Jun 2019

 A shiny new Nannie is back on the prow of the Cutty Sark complete with arm, but no horse tail.

31 May 2019

 The early morning rising sun illuminates the church. 4.15 am on the last day of May. Spectacular.

23 May 2019

This is a sight not many visitors to Westminster Abbey will see. The play of colour in the early evening sun. A magical moment, too good to miss. With apologies to the powers that be at the Abbey for this apparently illicit photo. 

17 May 2019

 What more can be said? Brexit means Brexit?

15 May 2019

 A pond in Greenwich Park and the ducklings are out for a swim. The heron looked like a plastic model, till it moved.

4 May 2019

 Standing by the trees at the foot of the Observatory Hill. St Paul's vista appears through the mist.

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